Posted by: bjackmom | August 10, 2019


  • Now that I have quit my job, suddenly life is much more freeing. I have been sleeping in whenever possible. I’ve even let the kids stay home from school because let’s face it, when you have geniuses for kids what good is forcing them to sit in school day after day? But more importantly, above all else, is the fact that I can focus all of my waking hours on our dogs. When I pitched this idea to my very loving husband, he completely agreed: the dogs, he noted, were of supreme importance. And while the kids have complained a bit about eating nothing but scrambled eggs and Mac’n Cheese day in and day out, we all acknowledge that being with the dogs should be our prime goal in life.
  • It is usually at this point in my dream where I wake up.   Part of me is in a panic, the other part is still longing thinking of the “not working” bit.


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