Posted by: bjackmom | November 6, 2019

dreams do come true

There is a plaque in our home, purchased years ago after we bought our motor home, that says “Travel is the only thing you buy which makes you rich.”

I could not agree more.  Whether with my children or grandchildren, I have been to every state up and down the eastern coastline of the United States.  As a child, my parents or aunt took me to Bermuda and Canada, as well as up and down the eastern coastline of the US.   Since then I have continued my travels up and down the coastline from one end of the continental United States, to the other dragging children and grandchildren along with me.   National parks, state parks, historical residences, monuments, museums, lectures and simply standing on the edge overlooking wonderment.

What do you do when a dream you’ve had since you were a little girl comes true?  You squeal with delight like a 5 year old and dance a jig.  Months ago, I got an email.  Yet another piece of junk mail that I would routinely delete.  Over and over again.  But for whatever reason, I opened it.  And there it was.  Airline fares to the UK at a rate that I could afford.  Well, maybe.  But I looked around, cross-referenced other sites and sure enough, the prices were something we could afford.  Within 24 hours, we had pulled the trigger.  We, as a family, were going to England, and it would coincide with my husband’s birthday and it would be right before mine.

Holy crap on a cracker!  We were going to England!  The land shaped by the Roman’s with roads and baths.  The land of Alfred the Great who stood ground in the last kingdom of Wessex.  The land of William the Conqueror who crossed the channel and took the crown from Harold.  The land of tea and scones, Yorkshire puddings with roast beef and horseradish sauce!  The land of my mother’s ancestors.

We dithered on a schedule and a list of places to visit during our travels, but slowly our plans evolved with a start in London, west to Windsor, Oxford and Bath, then east to Dover.  Three major castles, a Palace, a university, a bath and a few chapels/abbeys.  All the major touristy bucket items that even an eleven-year-old would enjoy.  We ignored all the advertisements to do “Harry Potter” themed tours and stuck to things that were close to our hearts.  Not surprisingly, our grand-kids enjoyed themselves as well.

Each city was unique.  Each city had its own personality.  Each city came with its own problems.  But each city was worth the visit and I would gladly go back to each.    Having visited each city, everyone of us returned home richer from the experience.  And yearning for more.

Over the next several days, I will take the time to provide you with a mini tour of the highlights we enjoyed.  Hopefully, you will enjoy them as well.  Meanwhile, I will continue to float around on cloud nine having achieved one of my goals in life:  England!


  1. Great post 😊

  2. So you’re a bit of a fan then 😉 Sounds like you had a fantastic time in Blighty. Dreams do indeed come true..😊

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