Our Doggies


We currently have two dogs sharing our lives with us.  I really don’t know who’s luckier, me?  Or Them?   Each of our dogs have been adopted in one fashion or another.  There are enough dogs out there in the world, that Scott and I don’t feel we need to contact a breeder.


Bella!  Bella-Mia! IsaBellarina!  Squishy face!  Baby-girl. Issabigbelly. Isabelle was the fourth puppy born of a “surprise” litter of pups born January 1, 2006.   Her mother was a yellow lab adopted by a family in Pennsylvania  – her human “mom” worked as a Paralegal at a sister law firm office to where our daughter Danielle worked.  Apparently, human mom was told that her lab was neutered.  After being friendly with the border collie up the block, it was discovered that the adoption agency had made a horrible mistake.   Needless to say, an email went out to everyone in the lawfirm looking for homes for puppies.  Danielle forwarded the email to me and I forwarded it to Scott with a message – Can we?    It was love at first sight.  When the pups were about 5 weeks old, Scott and I drove up and visited the family.  There were two females that did not yet have a home.  They were both adorable, both loving, and both willing to be with us.  It was an agonizing decision.  We picked Bella and named her on the spot.  A green ribbon was tied around her neck – she was ours.  Three weeks later, Danielle, Samantha and I drove up and brought the baby girl home.  Everyone was in love.

Older and wiser now, Bella is still sweet as candy. Unfortunately all that sweetness has given her diabetes. But she is doing well with insulin injections. She’s now gone blind. But her nose has not stopped working.

Mickey. Mick, Mickey the noodle. The Noodlemeister. The Ass. Swiper. A 20 pound rat terrier mix who is as cute as can be. While he is fiercely loyal and protective of the house, he gets into everything! He has chewed the head off of every dinosaur and knight that Andy owns. Maddie has lost numerous stuffed animals. And God-Forbid I leave my alpaca yarn anywhere around – he will be tearing it apart. Now one year old, he is still resistant to house training. But he is cute. And he knows his name; it’s Mickey-NO!


  1. I miss BooBoo!!!

  2. I called him BooBoo because it was very “ghost-like” the way he would blend into the carpet at night lol and ghosts say BOO!

  3. Nice story, although the last part is a bit dubious in my eyes. I do hope to see more of this, but how can I stay updated with your posts? Best regards!

    • Yes, we all know that Isabelle will never catch a squirrel. They are too fast and have too many trees for them to traverse. The fun is in the chase. Personal I think the squirrels and Isabelle have worked out some sort of deal – they appear to be tormenting her, she then chases them just so I can tell her what a good girl she is. The payment to the squirrels is they get to ravage my feeders!

      There should be a link that you click on and can receive the latest posting by email, if you are interested.

  4. So if you would like to possess a look younger and bubbly companion for quite an extended time, then the golden retriever is unquestionably for you. When you might be considering adoption, remember that they’re working dogs and thus need to be working ALL the time.

    • I would gladly consider getting another golden – just not at the moment – there is no room left on the bed for me! We had a beloved Golden Retriever that my husband adopted before we were married. Buster was a 135lbs dog of love. He had been abused by his previous owners and spend a lot of time fending for himself. Buster hated all other dogs – except for my greyhound, Swinger. Both were very happy when Scott and I got married and they were now together. We lost Buster to cancer in 2003 and Swinger to brain cancer in 2004. They are both still together resting in the corner of our room where they always slept together.

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